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Advantages of Using Managed Services for Engineering Projects

Advantages of Using Managed Services for Engineering Projects

Wednesday Feb 18, 2015

Managed recruitment services – otherwise known as RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) – can save time, money and resources for any project or organisation. But the peculiarly competitive job market in the engineering sector makes having a specialist recruiter of particular benefit.

Here are four key advantages of using managed services for engineering projects.

Cost savings

Let's start with the bottom line. You save money. The cost of hiring a member of staff is well known – the resources spent on advertising, interviewing and on-boarding that could otherwise be spent elsewhere – but for an engineering project these are amplified.

Why? For two reasons. Depending on the length of the project, you may only be hiring for a relatively short period. Unless it's a large project, it's not necessarily equivalent to a permanent hire. That gives you less time to get a return on your investment in someone.

Secondly, because without a direct line to the talent pool, the alternative is, too often, to spend a fortune on third party contractors. It may be quicker and easier than individually advertising each role, but it will cost you more in the end.

To ensure you receive the best possible experience when dealing with the hiring of contract or temporary labor, we offer a Managed Service Program (MSP).

Quality of candidates

Engineering is a particularly challenging recruitment sector. There is a global skills gap where old hands aren't always being replaced by the younger generation. That means there can be significant salary expectation disparities: the best may expect more than your budget, the rest may expect more than they're worth.

Recruitment is a speciality just like engineering. Navigating and managing such a diverse and competitive talent pool requires expertise – people who know the market and are skilled at matching the right people with the right job. And part of being a specialist recruiter is knowing the candidates, rather than coming to them first time as just another CV in the pile.

Single point of contact

There's a lot to be said for simplicity. With so many variables to manage in an engineering project, why make recruitment more difficult?

With so many different staffing requirements – not just engineers, but administrative staff, short-term contract workers, longer-term hires – it's easy to end up working with dozens of different agencies, managing multiple interview processes at once. With a managed recruitment service you have a single point of contact for all your staffing requirements.

And that single point of contact can streamline the entire process, even on matters as simple (but important) as having a single pay structure; decreasing worker disharmony by preventing different people doing the same job for different money.

Improve your employer brand

Many employers may not acknowledge it, but how you present yourself in the job market is an important part of your brand and is key to attracting the right people.

Recruiting isn't just about finding the right person for your job role, it's about making them want to work for you. That goes double in engineering.

Employer brands can be hampered by any number of factors: multiple adverts for the same job – particularly at different pay rates – being approached more than once by different agencies for the same role, even poorly written ad copy.

Utilising a managed service puts your employer brand in the hands of professionals, making you a more attractive employer for current and future projects.

We offer a Managed Service Program (MSP) which means we will take on the responsibilities associated with recruiting engineering professionals and work closely with your business to understand your requirements, industry trends and your changing workforce needs.

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