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How do engineering projects benefit from BPO services?

How do engineering projects benefit from BPO services?

Tuesday Jan 3, 2017

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services that TRS provide vary widely in their nature and scope based on client needs and industry, but one common element is that BPO allows an organisation to have a flexible workforce which can shrink and grow with market demands. By transferring management of the human resourcing element of a project to specialist recruiters, companies are then able to focus on delivering their projects.

BPO services are bespoke to a client’s specific needs and it benefits engineering projects by reducing the time an organisation spends on hiring, on boarding, payroll and off boarding of contractors.

What services and activities are covered by BPO?

Virtually any business process can be outsourced, from data entry to advertising new job vacancies.

Some examples of processes that you can outsource to a BPO provider are:

  • Sourcing new staff
  • Screening job candidates
  • Managing payroll for contractors
  • On boarding for new hires
  • Internal functions such as purchasing and billing

If you do not require full scale outsourcing but simply need support in a particular area, you may wish to consider alternative solutions such as outsourced payroll services or recruitment campaign management.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is the BPO service which handles all aspects of recruitment

All sizes of engineering companies have staff resources to manage, but maintaining a talent supply chain can often be expensive. When new staff need to be sourced quickly for a new project, fixed rate recruitment costs tend to be high, which is why businesses often turn to RPO as a cost-saving solution.

What are the benefits of RPO for engineering projects?

Aside from cost reduction, there are three main benefits enjoyed by clients of the RPO service provided by TRS:

  1. Streamlined recruitment process

Sometimes hiring decisions become rushed due to restrictive time demands, which can result in hiring staff who aren’t the right fit for the role.  Outsourcing the recruitment process when hiring can help businesses to avoid these costly mistakes.

  1. Recruitment costs are reduced by shared risk

Recruitment is affected by business growth and decline.  The risk is shared by both parties when using an RPO as the provider can quickly respond to recruitment demands when hiring spikes happen (nationally or globally), and will protect the business from the expense of carrying any unnecessary staff.

  1. Improved hiring time

Not only does hiring cost money, vacant roles also cost businesses while they are missing the contributions of that team member to help deliver against set objectives. TRS take on the hiring process to spare their clients the time, effort and overall business impact.

Helping Clients Effectively - RPO Client Case Study

TRS Craft Houston recently delivered a business process outsourcing service to an Operating Company, who needed a provider to handle their recruitment process for hourly personnel such as:

  • Process Operators
  • Analyser Technicians
  • Instrument Technicians
  • Electricians
  • Millwrights
  • Machinists
  • Lab Technicians

The client’s recruitment process required testing for all candidates, and the business found themselves behind schedule on many of their hourly positions. Since taking on TRS as a BPO provider, they have hired 99% of the scheduled hires for 2015 and are now on track to complete all 2016 hires on schedule.

By changing the screening process and only testing qualified candidates, TRS Craft Services was able to save the operating company and their testing centre a great deal of time. Before TRS Craft got involved, they were at less than 25% interview to hire ratio; using the new screening process the ratio is now 65% interview to hire.

What should engineering companies look for when choosing a BPO provider?

Business Process Outsourcing services (including RPO and others) should help customers to maximise return on investment and productivity through outsourcing their non-core functions.

To make the most out of any outsourcing agreement, we recommend choosing an established provider who meets the following criteria:

  • Your BPO provider should have knowledge and experience of your specific industry – this ensures that they will be aware of the most common business challenges you’ll face and how to deal with them
  • When you are looking to outsource your recruitment or HR functions, it is essential that your outsourcing partner has a solid understanding of the recruitment process
  • Any outsourcing provider should be able to provide you with case studies demonstrating successful solutions they have provided for similar companies to yours
  • The top Business Process Outsourcing providers have a global presence with offices in multiple countries, allowing clients to expand their presence in the global market and benefit from services in multiple time zones


Why choose TRS for engineering BPO services?

As TRS already knows the industry well through specialising in niche engineering projects, that understanding allows for better business partnerships and an enhanced ability to qualify clients’ demands.

TRS’ engineering specialist outsourced recruitment programmes are heavily focused on deliverables and timelines, and clients’ return on investment is guaranteed as we tie our expectations to monetary incentives and penalties.

As a Recruitment Process Outsourcing provider, TRS can utilise its own, or may assume the company’s staff, technology, methodologies and reporting. RPO is a very different recruitment set up to that of a standard recruitment agency in that the RPO will take direct responsibility of the outcomes and results from this management.

To read more about our solutions visit the Full Scale Outsourcing - BPO Service page. Alternatively, contact your regional branch here to discuss your individual business requirements, and we’ll recommend a bespoke BPO solution for your recruitment needs.

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