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What Can an Engineering Headhunting Service Do for You?

What Can an Engineering Headhunting Service Do for You?

Friday May 5, 2017

As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, sourcing top level engineering talent is crucial for engineering firms looking to achieve their long-term business aims. TRS’ executive search service provides a solution by partnering you with leading consultants who work with you closely, in order to secure the right staff for your organisation.

We take a look at some of the current difficulties engineering firms face when trying to hire senior level staff in-house, and why outsourcing this talent search to TRS is hugely beneficial.

What difficulties do engineering firms face when hiring senior staff?

Hiring highly skilled and senior staff can be extremely challenging for engineering firms. When firms hire for these top-level positions, the risks are very high. Due to the extensive list of skills needed and the higher wage packets that often accompany these roles, recruiting the right people can be an arduous experience. Not only are employers seeking a candidate who meets all the requirements with regards to experience, but this candidate must also be a good fit for the position and the organisation, and be able to commit to the company for a noteworthy period of time.

As a result, the recruitment process can often be quite rigorous. Many engineering firms find that they don’t have the time or resources to recruit for such positions, while others find that they are not attracting the right kind of candidates with the niche skills they desire. With more senior staff, the stakes are often higher, and so finding the right person is crucial to overall organisational success.

What advantages can TRS provide when hiring senior talent?

  • Expertise in hiring

As part of our headhunting service, we are adept at dealing with any issues that may typically arise from recruiting at this level. Where engineering firms may struggle to source candidates from a limited talent pool, TRS are better positioned to source relevant and high quality candidates who may not necessarily be easily found. In addition, our dedicated senior consultants are located across the primary TRS offices, each with their own limited number of portfolios managed at one time, resulting in 100% focus on hiring the very best talent. 

  • Specialists in the engineering sector

TRS are experienced in sourcing management and engineering professionals to sectors including rail and infrastructure, power and renewable energy, manufacturing, and mining. Our unrivalled expertise and knowledge of the global staffing industry adds value to this headhunting process, and therefore places us in an ideal position to continuously seek out and locate the very best in global talent. TRS’ deep expertise and contacts within the engineering sector can also open up many otherwise closed doors.

  • Understand your needs

Our consultants work exclusively with you, creating and advising on a full strategy for the approach, introduction and evaluation of candidates identified. As part of this executive search service, TRS’ consultants take the time to understand your needs, defining the job role and how it fits within your company, its culture and business environment. All relevant candidates are interviewed personally by our consultants, who are then able to present a shortlist of candidates who meet the job profile.

Other benefits of using an engineering headhunting service include:

  1. Senior candidates tend to be more receptive to an executive search, as they are unlikely to apply to a job advert
  2. Typically, a better quality of hire because you don’t need to compromise on fit or suitability
  3. Timeframe to shortlist candidates is often shorter than if this was done in-house
  4. Access to candidates who are not on the open market, and therefore a higher chance of candidates accepting an offer as they are not being chased by other companies
  5. In-depth research into what your requirements are before the process starts, and detailed feedback is provided of each candidate outcome after interviews are conducted

To find out more about how our executive search service can help you land senior members of staff, visit our TRS Select page. Alternatively, you can contact your regional branch here to discuss your business requirements.

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